The Achill range is the most successful and longest running range in our stair components portfolio. Achill adorns some of the country’s finest homes. It is available in 41mm x 41mm stair rails and 91mm x 91mm Newel Posts with matching handrail and base rail. Achill incorporates plain, roped and fluted designs and now with the added addition of the primed plain spindles

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The Boyne Range will take you back to times gone by, when stair design presented itself in uncomplicated, yet practical style of bare minimalism. The chamfered – turned design will prove to be a favourite with homeowners who cherish both simple shapes and traditional crafted qualities. The range is available in 41mm x 41mm stair spindles and 91mm x 91mm newel posts. A mix and match effect can be created by using the primed spindles with an Oak or Walnut Newel.collections_boyne2 collections_boyne1

The Corby Range highlights the skills and capabilities of our portfolio. Corby offers three different designs which include the unique hexagon profile. With a 46mm x 46mm spindle and a ball top newel, this is a range that oozes taste and design.

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The Erne Collection simple elegance. No frills, no fuss just pure sleekness and proof, if needed, of the beauty of materials given to us by nature itself. However, should you wish to envelope the latest trends in material mix why not consider the inclusion of metal to give that modern touch to a traditional idea

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The Infinity pre-finished Oak Handrail system is entirely flexible so that it can be used for various solutions. Be it extra support when ascending your stairs or guidance along corridors. Be it hotels, hospitals, nursing homes or public buildings – Infinity has turns and mountings to accommodate all requirements. Standard handrail is available in 4600mm lengths.

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The exciting Oriel Range reflects the changing mood of todays fashion trends from more traditional styles to that of a more cosmopolitan European feel. Simplicity is the first impression coupled with a subtle hint of an exquisite wood turning effect in a rebated design. The range consists of a truly modern approach to stair design with 41mm spindles and the option of a boxed newel or The Oriel Newel.

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Your home is your castle so Signature allows you to put your stamp to your staircase. The following designs are simply a stimulus for you to create your own designs or even to work alongside our designers in a joint collaboration to create your very own bespoke staircase. These designs are for the opulent and most discerning, those wishing to stand apart from the crowd.

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The Concra Range is one of our most recent creations. It demonstrates our aptitude and creative skills proving that turnings need not necessarily be round. Concra gives the sense of strength and solidness which will carry through time and fashion trends. Spindles are offered in 41mm x 41mm and Newels 91mm x 91mm or for the larger entrance hall why not choose the heavier 56mm spindle with a 118mm newel posts specially for your home

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