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Mahogany, or Sapele, a species of this rich, dark timber, is found mainly in Africa. The heartwood has a medium to dark reddish-brown colour, characterised by a well defined ribbon striped figure on quarter surfaces.

Red Deal

Red deal, Pinus resinosa, also known as red pine. Red deal is the northern counterpart of the southern yellow pines. But unlike the southern pines, red pine has needles of only two per bundle.


Called by Gilpin “the Venus of the woods,” and said by Spenser to be “for nothing ill,” the Ash is certainly one of the more important of our forest trees. It is truly native throughout the greater part of Europe, whilst in North America it is represented by a closely allied species.


Walnuts are plants in the Juglandaceae family. The common walnut and the black walnut and its allies, are important for their attractive timber, which is hard, dense, tight-grained and polishes to a very smooth finish.


Iroko, Chlorophora excelsa and Chlorophora regia of the Family Moraceae. Trees can grow to 160 feet with diameters of 8 to 9 feet and boles clear and cylindrical to 70 feet. Weight is 40 pounds per cubic pound with a specific gravity of 0.64. Wood works easily with most machine or hand tools.

White Oak

White Oak (Quercus alba), native to habitats ranging from dry forests and fields to mesic woodlands and downslopes. Like many members of the White Oak group, the undersides of its leaves are white-green, and its wood is a light-colored beige that is almost white when freshly cut; hence its common name.